The telephone number 0333 939 8180 will close on 23rd November

Until that time messages can be left but it is regretted that calls cannot be returned

After 23rd November 2017 ONLY the email will remain active until further notice

As been widely publicised, since downscaling operations since 2012, Mik2Photography opted to cease operations completely last year as it was felt that the business had run its course.  The company is now in run off and is contactable by email only

With effect from 23rd November 2017 the current phone number will be deactivated as part of this process.  Until that time, messages can be left but calls will NOT be returned under any circumstances

The run off is being administered by a back office team but response times will be slow 

This service is being offered as an alternative to simply disappearing and the intention is to satisfy any queries from former clients. This is being administered in the West MIdlands and any other locations that have formerly been used have not been active for some time and are no longer relevant.  All former personnel are no longer active in the business and cannot be contacted

Unfortunately, because images have been transported elsewhere for administration purposes, there is no guarantee that any images from any event remain available. People should not unduly worry and make contact by email to enquire about availability.



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Telephone  0333 939 8180'  until 23rd November 2017 only (messages only)

Contact only until further notice by email